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Dancers, athletes, and fitness instructors are a few of the professions that experience chronic foot problems.   My earlier career as a professional dance instructor and then choreographer inspired me to develop my reflexology practice for people needing the proper holistic  therapeutic treatments necessary to maintain soundness and assist with injury prevention.

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Reflexology is a "bonding tool" for parent and child
There are several differences when sharing foot reflexology with a baby as compared to an Adult.  Babies feet are much smaller than adults, all of the reflex points are much closer together, so finger movement is very minimal. Also, babies feet are not fully formed, so the pressure used, should be gentle and nurturing.
A good "sign" that the baby has had enough, is when they withdrawn their feet. They intuitively know that they've had enough - so please respect this.
A good time to start applying some foot reflexology, is before a nap or after the baby's evening bath - right before bedtime. They will be most relaxed and receptive.
You do not have to be a certified foot reflexologist to help your "little one "

By reaching out in a loving and caring way, you'll be amazed at how a parents touch can bring about natural healing.

Parents will learn basic hand and finger techniques as well as the necessary anatomy relating to babies feet. This hands on clinic will cover many baby issues such as,




Emotional Stress



Constipation And More

The workshop is presented by Reflexologist Linda Googh
Please contact Linda for a Private, Semi private or Group booking
This service is mobile, Linda will make house calls , this makes it more comfortable for baby.